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Our Work.

Our Legacy.

Building on 75 years of trust.

Why Montreal Contractors?

We represent the culmination of 3 generations of skilled trade contracting. With such a rich family history in the construction industry, our work is our legacy.


We take great pride in continuing the tradition of high-end workmanship that we can stand behind. Much like the projects we build, we’re here to stay.

Our Grandfather

Our grandfather Joseph returned home after his service with the Royal Canadian Navy serving on HMCS Skeena. He found work as a framing carpenter during the post-war boom. 


In 1946 he joined the union and worked as a skilled carpenter who had a knack for picking up the trades that he worked in tandem with.


Our Father

Our father Michael began working with him at a young age as a helper, and later decided to become a bricklayer. He preferred working outside and the challenges of brick and stonework.

He founded his own company, enlisting the help of one of the skilled bricklayers from the company he was working for.  Over time, he struck out on his own and grew his company into a general contractor firm.

Present Day

Today, Jesse and Zack run the company with the same values as our father and his father before him.


With a profound understanding of building systems and materials used in Montreal, coupled with our use of the latest tools and advanced software designed to meet our rigorous standards, Montreal Contractors confidently tackles even the most detail-oriented projects with ease.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re licensed in 2 General Contractor categories (1.2 small buildings, 1.3 all buildings) as well as 13 specialized sub-categories (annex III in it's entirety) with the provincial building authority, covering nearly any project you could have in mind.


We've worked hard to build a network of arguably the best tradespeople in Montreal so that we can deliver unmatched quality.

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